get feral was established by the get feral coach, andrew mclaughlan, a former rugby player, who would spend hours at a time training, wondering if there was more he could do to optimise his health following a tough dance with health anxiety. 

over recent years he has researched many methods, diets, hacks, stories and experimented in many different areas of the health and wellness space. the common denominator, to regain control in order to allow us to give life our best shot is ancestral living - a return to our ‘wild’ or ‘unprogrammed’ state.

the key is to unlearn and challenge our past. to set a new operating system for ourselves, with new learning, so we can take back control over chronic disease and mental illness. 

in other words - to get feral.

following his own personal success, andrew wants to continue to evolve and pass on his knowledge in order to help others and has done this with the launch of his health coaching business.

to help tell our story and reach out to those in need with our message of pure hope, we are building a tribe of like-minded humans.

get feral merch will help to move the brand far and wide across the UK.

we hope you enjoy the merch and if you want to know more please get in touch by emailing merch@getferal.co.uk